New School

January 10, 2008

hsks4logo.jpgWell the start of a new term at a new school.  Already no one knows what to do with me. At first it looked like I’ed be sorted into Griffandor but no, I had to talk the hat into it but a Slytherin I am. (Just think of all the contacts I can make) I should be used to it by now.  I wasn’t to shocked to discover the fact that I had been excepted into Hogwarts, I am after all a pure blood, but am only welcome on the condition I not steal anything once the term started.  The headmistress was quite firm about that. We’ll see school may not be worth the trouble.  I bought my wand the other day I thought about stealing one but really it’s best to make sure you get the right one.  I am not above paying for something when I have to.  Of course it did use up a good chunk of my funds so I decided to get my other supplies on the 5 finger discountplan.  Really all the students arrive at Diagon Alley the same day and no one thinks to put on extra staff.  If you ask me they deserved to have thier goods lifted.  Stopped by Gringott’s, goblins seem to have the right idea as security is fairly tight.  Maybe I’ll learn something useful in school this year to help me get into the vaults.  Like anygood theft it just takes 2 elements.  Patience and cunning.

slytherinheader.jpgI can’t make my mind up about school.  It’ll be nice to be away from the muggles but where is the thrill, the challenge?  It waits to be seen how long I can stand this routine.  But still patience and cunning always reap rewards.  


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