The things Muggles will Do to compensate for Magic

January 13, 2008

As I have been instructed by my Muggle Studies Professor to start trying to do things in muggle fashion.  Thus I have given up my charmed journal for a …blog. Doesn’t it sound like indigestion?  Blooooooggg.  Ugh!  Still as I understand it some muggles keep thier money in this internets thing so it may be something worth learning.  I still don’t see where they hide it. Oh I pushed a button and a tray came out.  It has a large silver disc in it.  It’s huge.  I’ve never seen muggle money like this before.  It must be worth a few galleons.

Still this wordpress thing is rather daunting.  I’m not carring for it much.  There is this whole section on the side that is not co-operating at all. Still if a muggle minds can manage so can I.  Perhaps I should pay a Ravenclaw to do my homework for me.  Perhaps I can trade it for this large shiny coin.  (Why is there a hole in it?)  Still I need to figure out how to get a picture on the side of this blog (*sigh*  the more I say it the more I think I need to report to the infirmary.)

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