Another weekend spent doing Homework.

January 19, 2008

The Wizengamot is still out on this school thing.  It’s a lot of effort but I can see it’s worth.  Slytherin House is very quiet of late.  It makes it easier to actually get one’s work done I suppose.  We have had an assignment handed out to make parcels for fellow students.  I have have been given the assignment of making a package for a Ravenclaw.  (The 6th years call them magpie minds! too funny if you ever want to distract one-look a shiny new puzzle!) While I normally am not a sociable type I have to admit I am enjoying school more and more.  The RC that I was assigned is quite interesting and is keeping a blog of her own.  (Still makes me think of indigestion) I have completed most of the task of assembling a sock kit for Magic in Threadwork and Weaving.  I am awaiting an owl to deliver yarn.  And awaiting my “allowance” to buy the stitch markers and another skein of yarn.  This actual paying for things is for the birds (ha). Still I gave my word and I will not steal while I am a student here.  (Perhaps not until the next Hogsmede weekend I doubt I am still a student when I am not in school…)

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