Why it may be counter produtive to Jinx oneself.

February 8, 2008

I had a bit of an accident today (accident ha! I am sure that a Gryffindor, jealous that we almost beat them at quiddich, arranged it!!) where I had a book case fall on top of me.  I have a potential fracture of my right forearm and a cracked index finger knuckle on my left hand.  I say potential because there is no way I was going to the infirmary before Madam Pomfrey comes back.  You think I’ed let that big oaf Hagrid deal with my cracked bones?  No doubt he’ed snap them like twigs while making some impractical (and most likely unintelligable) pseudo witisim.  Please.  Still I was rather sore and I found that moving them about helped so I began to exercise.  Realizing if I could flex my fingers I could knit (I have a several projects for Magic in Threadwork and Weaving on the go) and possibly do some reading for History of Magic  at the same time but ultimately I’ed start to fall asleep (beacause History of Magic is not a class it’s a coma with grades) and my arm and hand would hurt as I stopped knitting so I , well I’ed just like to say it seemed like it was a good idea at the time, I jinxed my fingers to keep knitting.  And now I can’t stop. You don’t want to know how I am typing this.  Someone please tell me Madam Pomfrey is back….

 This will totally ruin my plans for Hogsmede if I can’t get this to stop before then.

Also at the behest of a Ravenclaw I have figured out how to enable comments on my blog… let the games begin.

(OCC note: This is based on real life events of late.)



  1. Love the ‘coma with grades’ quip! Sorry to hear about your cracked bones. Hope they mend quickly.

  2. Oh dear, I hope you are alright. I am a DIY type and build all of my furniture. I just put together a craft table and chair set. I swear sometimes there are gremlins in big clunky pieces of furniture!! Let the house elves take care of you until you can see Madame Pomfrey.

  3. Oh no! Smashed fingers are no fun! Jinxed smashed fingers are even less fun! I hope you get the counterjinx figured out soon!

  4. Oh dear! I hope you’re able to get into see Mme. Pomfrey quickly–it sounds quite painful!

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