Every once in a while

February 16, 2008

I wonder how other people do it.  Muggles, Witches , Wizards. They go through life with blinkers on.  How often have you heard someone say something CAN’T be done.  Of course it can, eventually.  Just it hasn’t been done yet.  Case in point “you can’t get rid of a permident sticking charm” if this was the case I’ed never have eaten, ever. Even the name permident sticking is a total misnomer.  You only have to think about it to realize it’s not true.  How many times have students used it to put up posters on the walls of thier dorms?  It must be hundreds yet I am not seeing too many pin-ups of , say, Lockhart on the walls of the dormatory am I?  People put way to much confidence in spells just because of the name.  With most jinxes or charms with a long lasting effect it is best to age the spell, most magic wears off or thin with time.  It’s dangerous and takes a long time to master but ultimately it’s probably the most useful spell you can ever know. Don’t get me wrong I am greatful for stupid people.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a priceless artifact held in place by a permident sticking charm to justify a theft.  I mean people that dumb don’t deserve to be rich, right?

Maybe next time I’ll tell you how to check for invisible traps or invisible people… but lets face facts I really wouldn’t hold my breath with you.


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