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Look what was waiting for me when I Finally Got out of the Infirmary.

April 16, 2008

Another not so quick trip to the infirmary this week. A bout of flu and I have fallen on my cracked arm and made it worse. I have a rather small Slytherin boy typing everything I say in factas my arm is a bit rubbish at the moment.  Still at least Mme. Pomfrey was there not Hagrid I can just Imagine the shape I’ed be in then.

 Waiting for me on my bed when I escaped my confinement was a package from a Ravenclaw, Miss Nymphadora. I would have assumed that my fellow Slitherins would have nicked some of the parcel but apparently it was being guarded by the ever cuddly ,although would it kill him to be a bit more dignified? and thankfully, still non-snoring Spooky.

As you can see there was a great deal sent to me,all of which I am of course deserving but still it was very generous. There was a large portion of muggle candy, 2 chocolate bars, 2 packs of gum, a large box of Mike and Ike i approve of thier choice of packaging colour, and a large gummy snake that freaks me out.  Beyond belief. Luckily I have muggle neighbor children who like freaky things.  (Yes I am in Slytherin .No I don’t like snakes, yes it makes living in the dungeon more than slightly uncomfortable, can we get back to the point or am I going to have to hex you? Oh good)

There were many wizardly items as well.  Some wizard rock from all the newest and coolest bands, some stickers and some buttong (obcured by poofy fur I think he was a littel offended by the Hufflepuff button actually, although I sort of thought it was cool, (No you can’t repeat that..seriously you want a major hexing?) A book mark for Deathly Hollows asking if Severous Snape was freind or foe.  Honestly Just like a Griffyndor to cast doubt on a fine man just because he’s a Slytherin, we are so misunderstood.  There were strickers about Harry Potter and his Order of the Pheonix, some film strips featuring him as well.  I couldn’t take a picture of those very well.  Apparently muggles use film to make the pictures move.  I stared at them for a while and I didn’t see them move.  Perhaps I got a defective batch. There was also a Slytherin Magnet that i put on my computer from Muggle Studies. Which reminds me I have to get fixed. I had just put it on and the screen went all funny and I think it started singing folk music. 

As this was a project for Magic in Threadwork and Weaving there were also items that related to knitting and crafting.  She herself made a felted bucket bag. Seen better in this photo here:

It’s very spacious and will hold, my money.  a sock in progress and a large book.  All very important things.  A large hollowed out book can be used to smuggle a great deal of items. Aslo pictured is 2 skiens of Nature’s Palette sock wool in slytherin colours and an argyle pattern for socks.  I love argyle socks and am going to have to step up my colourwork to make these. Also included are some stitch markers especially useful when I keep ending up in the infirmary to ill to count properly as noted by frogging my shrug 8 times. Also a set of some of my favourite DPN’S of all time the Pony Pearls. 

While I am no doubt an excellent student, a pureblood and I’ed like to point out I am undergoing great personal sacrifices in being here, my income has dwindled to almost nothing,  I feel I am well deserving  such great attention, it is still very generous and attentive and thoughtful of Nymphadora of Ravenclaw to have prepared the package for me.  I hope the Headmistress and the Professor will give her an O for this project and Next time we’re in Honeydukes I’ll nick you something nice.