Down Once More

May 10, 2008

OCC: This blog is going to be an experiment.  I hope to do a sort of serial short story mixed with a combination of real life knitting.   I have to say while Danazraella is very much a little voice in my head she is very hard to capture on paper, or blog for that matter.  She’s a thief, concerned with herself and her own well being.  She isn’t as self-absorbed as she seems, her opinion of herself is certainly high but she doesn’t spend every moment thinking about herself.  Originally “designed” with a much more tortured past than the version presented here.  But with all my writings there has to be an element of humour. This makes a bit of a tightrope walk-sans net, maybe not for me but for her very much so.

There won’t be much exposition about her past so I’ll share it with you myself to a point.  Her parents were Death Eaters, dead now. You can’t be exposed to that sort of lifestyle and not be changed by it.  She was changed in the sense that she stood up and said “Not me” meaning I will not be like them nor will I ever be like the people they control and use. She struggled on her own and has a great deal of distrust in general. Becoming a thief gave her control and she became a better and better thief and at 12 was making herself comfortable, she opted to go to Hogwarts out of curiosity and stayed because formal education suits her ultimate goal of being totally independent. She’s a “reasonably”gifted child.  She is capable of more spells than perhaps is normal for someone her age because of necessity.  A formatting change is going to happen on the blog as well.  Parts of the text are going to be darker these are going to be more truthful asides to reader then the blog itslef.  The blog is ultimately a journal she needs to to do as part of her final Muggle Studies grade, somethings will be shared some won’t be from her offical blog.

I’ll possibly try to include others from the swap into the blog but loathe to take liberties with other people’s characters. The version of Hogwarts that we share will be somewhat altered in this blog, I don’t think I can avoid that.  It’ll be a fun challenge and there will be a planned twist for the end of the swap.  Here is hoping that it goes well ;>  Now to descend back to the dungeons once again.



  1. I know we haven’t been formally introduced yet, but I’m Stuart and I’ll be your spoiler for this round of the swap. Hope it’s not too damp for you down there in the dungeon, and perhaps we can get together for a cuppa some time?

  2. Hi Dani, I look forward to reading your blog! It sounds like a great set up!!! Don’t forget to blog this week

  3. Welcome Slytherin!!

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