Little Glimpse into My Homework

May 20, 2008

I have a pair of socks due for Magic in Threadwork and Weaving.  While showing the professor my progress I perhaps should have let it slip that these socks were called Inferius Socks.   And perhaps when asked if I knew what an Inferi was I shouldn’t have said yes.

So tonight I have to read a chapter on Inferi and do a 4 Inch Summary.  So far I have : “An Inferius (plural: Inferi) is a corpse controlled through a Dark wizard’s spells. An Inferius is not alive, but a dead body that has been bewitched into acting like a puppet for the witch or wizard; this manifests itself as a white mist in the controlled corpse’s eyes. They cannot think for themselves: they are created to perform a specific duty assigned by the Dark wizard who commands them. They remain idle until their task can be performed. This task is then thoughtlessly carried out, whether or not it will produce any result. Inferi are difficult to harm by magic; however, they can be repelled by fire or any other forms of heat or light. When defeated, they return to their idle state.”

OCC: Zombie Socks by Sheryl Giles  (it’s free to download on Ravelry)

Yarn: sKNITches BeBoop Sock Yarn: Zombie Colourway.

Please Note that my real life self has grand intentions but starts her new job today while still working out the notice on her old job as well. Couple that with taking care of elderly parents, the grand design for the term is on the shelf at the moment. Tks.



  1. Now those are socks a bloke could be proud to wear! What great colours!

  2. Are you in the sock duel and if so are you the danniD compeeding against mee kaaelana?

  3. Don’t forget Quidditch before Saturday morning! (Love the socks!)

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