In Trouble Again

June 1, 2008

In addition to my usual homework I now have an extra paper due for Care of Magical Creatures and a weekend detention to work off.  And it isn’t my fault!!

After last week we did unicorns (yawn) Hagrid brought out the Thestrals.  Of course it was really funny to see everyone’s face as they tried to figure out was going on.  Only myself and 2 other 2nd Years could see them.  Only people who have witnessed someone’s death can see them (cheery, no?)  Well Hagrid asked who could see them the 3 of us put up our hands and suddently he’s asking who we saw die! Huh?  Sorry I don’t do the let’s sit in the circle and share thing thanks.  What does he expect that we all hold hands and sing Kumby-fracking-yah? Sorry I’m not for sharing wrenching moments of my past in front of a bunch of 13 year olds. Well apparently my attitude needs some adjusting and now I have detention this weekend and a scroll on Spoo due Monday (not the cat, I asked). 



One comment

  1. Hope you survive the detention okay. What do the Thestrals look like?

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