June 13, 2008

This past weekend I served my time in detention with Hagrid.  It was actually fairly interesting. There was a whole laundry list of tasks I was hopping from breakfast to supper.  From feeding the chickens to checking on the schools owls.  At one point Hagrid noticed that a thestral was missing (How can you tell them apart?nd we went off tracking them.  Apparently it was a yearling that just bolted for the herd and it ended up on the far side of the lake.  It was just wild with panic Hagrid couldn’t get near it.  No idea why it was so scared.  There was this mask for it.  Not a halter just a little hood, if we got it on we could get it over it’s head we could leave it back to the herd and they would calm him down.  Hagrid couldn’t get close.  He’s so loud and so big he can’t sneak worth a damn.  I stayed down wind and stayed at the base of a tree not moving.  It’s a skill not moving. Most people can’t do it.  Just staying immobile barely breathing you can blend into anything.  You can be overlooked in almost any situation So I squatted by the tree base and waited about an hour before the thestral came close enough to me sniffing the grass so I slipped the hood around his head.  He wasn’t very happy, luckily Hagrid was strong enough to make the testral stop bucking and led him quietly.  We had just started back when we ran into the centaurs. They were very rude.  I can’t say they weren’t but they complimented me on my patience.  One named Ronan was almost friendly towards me.  I think I’ll go back and see if I can see them again.  They are interesting, they all had bows in thier hands.  Hagrid showed me the mer-people in the lake.  One speaks a bit of english but the rest of it was merish.  It sounded very weird.  I asked Hagrid if he could speak merish, he couldn’t, apparently Professor Dumbledore could (as time goes on it seems there was less and less that man couldn’t do a few more years and people will say he created the sunshine).  Professor asked if I wanted to learn merish and he’ed see if anyone was around who could teach me.  All and all it was probably the least pointless way to spend a detention and I was warned next time I would be cleaning out the owlery. Ew. So I think I’ll keep my mouth shut…..well at least,  until someone else gets detention and cleans it out…..

This weekend is Hogsmede-I’m looking forward to it.


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