I’ve tried to be good…

June 29, 2008

I’ll be the first to admit I get into trouble now and again but I have had it.  I’ve been nice and courteous and everything but where has it gotten me? Nowhere.  So fine.  You want the snarky DanAzraella?, you got her! (100’s of Ravenclaws’ heads just exploded at the sight of my creative puncutation)  I have sat through some daft things in my day but the controversy regarding quiddich and the whole do-over thing just takes the cake.  I know we are all between 11 and 18 but honestly, grow up.  The game was fair, life isn’t so pick your damn battles before I toss you in the damn lake.   Think I won’t?,  think again. (Just to deal with any Magpie-Minds I may have missed the first time)  The whole thing is pretty ridiculous. 

Hufflepuff is winning the house cup year to date?  I’m sorry has that ever happened?  I mean in the whole history of time has any Hufflepuff done anything…?  I mean I’m just saying-when the most notable alumni is actually a dead quiditch player who never actually made it to graduation … your pretty much the undergod or under hog or whatever they claim to be. Under-badger.. oh yeah that house is made of win.. and I use my sacastic voice liberally there.

Oh and the Gryffindors.  Have you seen there house points this year?  Apparently they can’t find thier own asses without both hands, a map and the side of a barn … Which when you think about it is pretty amazing considering how far thier collective heads are wedge up in there. 

Why yes I am bitter that my Hogsmede priivillages were revoked and no I didn’t steal the answers to the DADA test but when  I find out who did they will find it easy to find thier own ass it’ll be at the end of my foot.


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  1. Why be good when you can be bad?

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