Life isn’t Fair. Duh.

July 4, 2008

from Danazraella’s person journal:

I’ve known this for a while don’t get me wrong, but it had lulled me into a false sense of security. Things at school were going ok. But then BAM Someone stole a test. The teacher in question thinks it was me, but couldn’t prove it. So needless to say I’ve had detention after detention pile up from this same teacher until my Hogsmede trip was cancelled. I haven’t been a happy camper since. Oddly enough support has come from the strangest place-Hagrid. I never would have expected that.

Now since my punishment was unfair I decided sneaking into Hogsmede wasn’t really all that wrong. In fact, it was balancing out the bad karma. I had been practicing the Disillusionment Charm. I am getting really good at them. The next step is going to be using it on a cloak. (I wonder if it would work on boot, pants, gloves et. al. – that would be much better from a movement point of view. Cloaks are cumbersome and clumsy.) I cast the spell well enough to get through tunnel ( did you know there was a tunnel by that statue of a witch that takes you all the way to Honeydukes?) And I headed through (pockets fuller then when I started out of course) and went to the Hog’s Head. There was a lot of people there. I was a bit surprised, it has never seemed to be the highlight of the Hogsmede at night tour. No one there was a student-or you know bathed or laundered. Witches and wizards were all wrapped up in their conversations. I found a chair (with a wonky leg and not at a table, those were all full). I got close enough to listen in. Skill at listening in escapes most people, a good portion of it involves not talking. Seems that there was a break in at the Department of Mysteries. There were about 6 things taken and the Auror’s have found all but one-the Shard of Cassandra, a shard of the original crystal ball belonging to the tragic seer. Everything was found pretty much right away in the home of a rather promenant wizarding family- the Dunwich family. While they do trend, rather obviously, towards the dark arts they are cautious.  They are suspect so doing something so boldly illegal-and badly- is pretty damn stupid.  Judging by their son who is a fifth year in my own house, the family knows they aren’t smart but are intelligent enough to realize it….which is more than I can say for most people.  The whole thing is pretty suspicious.  The story has been kept out of the Daily Prophet and the other papers, isn’t money a wonderful thing to have?

While listening in I somehow managed to attract the attention of the bartender.  I can’t say I am suprised he’s the younger brother of former headmaster Albus Dumbledore, so I guess he keeps an eye out for students.  Alberforth Dumbledore is actually a pretty odd man gruff and curt but also not very clean… I think I’ll order my butterbeer in the bottle next time … He didn’t summarily throw me out but actually took time to talk to me.  In a stilted way.  I was a bit worried that he would tell the headmistress that I was there.  But apparently he has a soft spot for troublemakers.  I suppose it has something to do with the “clientele” that frequent his pub.  Still I slipped out before too long and headed right back to the tunnel and the school.  All told I was gone less than an hour and immediately in the library. I uncovered 2 things one Alberforth was once run in for preforming illegal charms on a goat… And 2 the Shard of Cassandra has only 2 references in the entire library.  One says that the shard of glass is prismatic. The other says it shows the future and the past with equal clarity making it completely unique… And it’s out there-somewhere … just waiting for someone to find it.


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