Just when you think it’s safe to assume

July 13, 2008

I’ve been doing some reasearch into the shard of Cassandra and coming up with nothing.  I even tried being nice to a Ravenclaw ! (Have I sunk so low?!) But it was for nothing.  Well it was kinda funny when the kid picked up that huge tome and then fell ovewr pinned under it and then leaving him there… I mean he had already looked through it so there was no point in helping him up, right?

I snuck out a few times this week.  Back to Hogsmede, the Hog’s Head to be exact.  I made an invisibility cloak but apparently I didn’t do such a good job the second time  I wore it and somehow the spell washed off in the rain…can you scotch guard charms?  Still Alberforth didn’t seem surprised I was there.  One nigfht there were only 2 peeople in the pub and I was going to just leave but I struck up a conversation with him, which is hard to do with someone so ridgidly mono-syllabic .  I was able to pick up a few trinkets in the chat.  The Ministry has determined the theft was only for the shard and the found items were planted there by the real thief.  And that whole illegal charms on a goat? True.  Apparently he made it talk.  ~I shouldn’t have said that.~


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