There are bugs…the brochure never mentioned BUGS.

June 27, 2009

So last year I didn’t exactly finish Muggle Relations. Well I passed but I needed at least an E . Which I almost got.  Luckily Professor Burbage (did you know she had a cousin who was killed by Voldemort…?)  Offered to give me a “pending” grade if I took this “laptop” and went back to writing a “blog”.  [It’s worse than learning a foreign language this muggle terminology.  At least most foreign languages sound like bowel complaints. ]  I have been at camp writing a bit here and there and I have come to a few conclusions.  One a laptop is never to be left on your lap as it gets very, very hot. Two I can write all I want but I have to stand on the top of the cabin and face south if I want it to post.  Because owl post would be less complicated. I truly think that Prof. B. is just trying to kill me I really do.

Camp.  Camp, for the uninitiated, is a cabin in the woods, with nature.  Nature is bugs.  Oh, people will tell you that it’s lakes, trees, plants and animals but in reality…every one of these things leads. to .bugs.  Lakes breed musquitos, trees breed grubs and catipillars, dead trees beetles and worms, animals have fleas or ticks and flowers make bees.  Oh look a butterfly….wait no that’s a moth trying to eat my yarn. Nature is just so dirty and unhygienic. Things out here just randomly poop.  Anywhere they want just ” hmm. i feel like pooping” then BAM poop. AND NO ONE CLEANS IT UP.  A big huge counrty side complete with poop.  It’s digusting.  I’m  a Hogwarts student, get me out of here!


One comment

  1. Ugh, yes I know about the bugs allright!! That is why we should always keep our Billywig Bug with us… well, and a fly swatter! The Billywig can politely chat with most flying things telling them to skeedaddle onward… and if they don’t listen SWAT!

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