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Cop out post

July 31, 2009

I started a real me blog this week and realy I haven’t felt ok for a while so trying to be someone else is messing with me. (that makes more sense if you’ve played D and D, I think) but I’m going to cross post something from my rl. blog for your amusement (I know I sound like a chimpunk on speed, yes it’s funny


Summer Drinks?

July 16, 2009

Summer is here (once every few days…I mean mid-July and I have to wear a sweater) but when asked about my favourite summer drink I have to post. Noblis Oblige and all that, right?  I made this drink when I was about 9-10 and discovered it by accident. It’s a third Berry Blue KoolAid, a third lemonaid and 1 third Cola (reg or diet) It turns green and it foams. Scariest looking drink ever. I drank it all the time one summer, had a perpetually blue tounge.  I looked like a newt.  Which is what my best friend and I called it.