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I have goodies to share

August 31, 2009

Well. Not share, but to show off and brag.  I want to thank Agatha Vablatsky for her lovely and thoughtful Care of Magical Creatures package she sent me.

Picture 070

Considering I just spent 90% of my tax refund on a giant stuffed polar bear the idea of making an (evil) army of Otto’s to achieve my goal of world domination through chilly cuteness  really appeals.  Enclosed there was Cotton Ease, needles, the pattern,  Animal crackers (because world domination makes you kinda snacky) some flowers because I’m da princess.   Best of all there were porper eyes and NOSES! OMG the noses are so cute. I have a thing for animal noses. The only reason I like hedgehogs is because they have the most wicked cute noses!!

Agatha when I take over the world you’ll definitly get a big huge house or Belgium..either or…*Mwah!*

Thank You so much!!