Owls Rock!!

My package came last week but between homework and exhaustion I never goot to blog.  I only got to take the picture Sunday!! ‘My downstream partner was Stu!! Of Ravenclaw (who eventually got unpinned from the book in the library).  I love Stu..not like that of course, I mean I have standards, I mean a Ravencalw?!. Exactly.  But I am willing to admit that Stu rocks!


To say I love everything is no overstatement.  There was magnets with a Potter theme and one of my Ravatar! There was enough candy to fill Honeydukes and Caramel flavoured tea from Madam Puddifoot’s that also has a really cool tea “ball” shaped like a lemon… Being a Ravenclaw Stu is fatastically organized and sent a full truseau of knit gear.  There was a project bag (love!!!!1!!) with snippers, stitch markers, a bracelet counter, which I was wearing so not actually pictured (see I am actualy knitting!!), a note pad I am not organized enough to use. Seriously If i make a pair of socks that match it’s a coincidence! There was my fave type of needles, Knitpicks Circs.  (1 sock on 1 circ is the method of choice dispite the face my monkeys are on pony dpns).  The best things about this is the yarn of choice. All dark and evil like!  Like me!  it’s by Fearless Fibers ( http://fearlessfibers.etsy.com My love affair with etsy deepens) and the patterns I am totally in love with the wveryn lady socks.  Tho I have to say the yarn may become a shawl (the yardage is excellent, the sheen is phenominal and it’s just drop dead evilusious! oh new word [TM]).  There is a bottle of Feliz Felicitas (which i think will taste like maple syrup …. {or rum}).  But the favourite thing ever?!?!?!  The purse.  Dude, Stu, can sew!! I am totally using this bag everyday!  I love this bag soo damn much it’s just the best thing since ever.  Heart love.  The lining and the knit bag match, cuz Stu is organized like that. I love this package and i Love Stu.  Iéd kiss him but really that would totally be leading him on and I’m only a little evil not hugely so.   tho I did get this… a henna/glitter peacock! So maybe I am distantly related to the Malfroys?

Love You Stu!!


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